EKC Register

Late registration condition will apply for all new registrations from 1 July to 15 July

For all participants (association members or not), the registration fee will increase by 150 Euros. The registration will close on 15 July at 24:00 (Paris time) and the post-deadline on-site registration will be possible only during the meeting period at the registration desk with the fee (increased by 150 Euros, association members or not, with respect to the early registration, and paid by cash) but the meals will not be provided; a limited number of meal coupons may be separately purchased on-site by the post-deadline participants.”  

EKC Registration is now closed.

General information

  • Registration Fee does not include hotel, so please book hotel yourself.
  • In case of bringing family members to this event, please give us the number when you make a registration.
  • No Refund allowed.

Registration guidance for members of associations in Europe

EUROPE Local Associations

The local associations in Europe (EU-Member) are VeKNI (Germany), KSEAUK (UK), ASCoF (France), KOSEAA (Austria), KOSES (Finland), KSSEA (Scandinavia).KOSEANL (Netherlands), KSEAS (Swiss) and KOSEABE (Belgium)

Please follow the instruction to register EKC2015:

1. Visit your local association website or contact your local association to find EKC registration information.

2. The registration fee is visible when you make a registration and your local association will approve your registration if you belong to your local association.

3. Successful registration will be confirmed by e-mail.

Registration guidance for the non-members and external attendees

Conference fees for the non-members and external attendees

Non-member   |   € 400

1. Please go to EKC registration system and then make your registration.

2. The online payment will be visible after your registration. You must provide correct reference code during the online payment.

3. Successful registration will be confirmed by e-mail

We recommend you to make your registration fee online.
However, if you prefer to transfer registration fee, please follow steps below.

1. Please transfer Registration fee including additional accommodation to the following Bank account of ASCoF:

IBAN: FR76 1027 8060 3700 0204 6480 112
Bank Name: Credit Mutuel
Bank Address: 58 Rue Saint Charles 75015 Paris, FRANCE

2. Submit the online registration at EKC2015 webpage with payment confirmation as attachment files.

3. Successful registration will be confirmed by e-mail.

Do you have any other question? Please contact: registration@ekc2015.eu