About Meals

LUNCH BUFFETS for 23 and 24 July

will be provided to all dully registered participants (except the post deadline registrants, see the registration page) but the accompanying family members are not invited due to the space limitation. For the case of great necessity, the conference participants should preregister lunches of their families at the registration page until 15 July.

RECEPTION on 22 July & BANQUET on 24 July

will be provided to all duly registered participants (except the post-deadline registrants, see the registration page) and the accompanying family members. The participants should confirm their (and their families’) participations (retractable) and let their preferences among (FISH, MEAT, VEGETARIAN) be known to the organiser beforehand via website. Persons having special alimentary problems should send email to the managing director (contact person of this website).


all participants should register their meals until 15 July and retract for the case of cancellation. If not, meals will not be provided (omission of meal registration) or will receive penalty (non cancellation).

To facilitate the participants to make contact with local population and local activities, there will not be general organized dinner on 23 July, but dinner on invitation by small group may take place .

EKC Registration is now closed.