The KRICT R&D Forum


July 22, 2015 (14:00 – 17:00)


Room 210 (Building “Forum”)


The Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (hereinafter “KRICT”) will hold the KRICT R&D Forum at EKC 20105. This forum is to discuss on recent research trends and advanced technologies in generating and saving solar energy by exchanging and sharing expertise and knowledge. For that, we have set a special theme, “Chemical innovation for harvesting solar energy”. Each invited speaker as research specialists who are from various organizations such as EPRL, CSEM, and HZB etc. will give a talk and discuss about their presentation. In this KRICT R&D forum, especially, it will be highlighted chemistry innovations to enable the sustainable technologies that are revolutionizing the way we harvest solar energy and store energy.

Especially, one of speakers, Dr. Sang Il Seok will present his research outcomes to optimize the sequence in which solvents are added during the deposition process, resulting in an intermediate crystalline compound that turns into a dense and uniform film on heating. This led to a power-conversion efficiency exceeding 18%, which is higher than previous values for perovskite solar cells reported in the scientific literature.


Changjin Lee (Session Chair)

Organization: KRICT (email:

San Il Seok

Organization: KRICT

Title:KRICT Activity for Efficient Inorganic/Organic Hybrid Solar Cells

Jun Ho Yum

Organization: CSEM

Title: Materials Engineering for Photoelectrochemical Solar Cells

Ah Reum Jeong

Organization: HZB

Title: Opto-electronic and structural properties of the interface in small molecule organic solar cells

Kevin Sivula

Organization: EPFL

Title: Photoelectrode materials for direct and economical solar fuel production

Son Minkyu

Organization: EPFL

Title: Cuprous oxide water splitting photocathode for photoelectrochemical hydrogen production

Sangwon Kim

Organization: KIST-Europe

Title: Vanadium Redox Flow Battery for solar energy storage

Ruiyong Chen

Organization: Helmholtz Institute Ulm for Electrochemical Energy Storage, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Title: New disordered oxyfluorides pushing the intercalation limits for Li-ion batteries


Established in 1976 for R&D and implementation of chemical technology in Korea, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT) has fueled the growth of Korea’s chemical industry. Today, the institute is focusing on the development of key technology, seeking to enhance the citizens’ quality of life through qualitative technological advances.

The major research fields pursued by the institute are development of eco-friendly chemical process technology, development of high value-added green chemical materials, acquisition of new drug discovery for disease treatment, and development of green convergence chemical technology to act as future growth engines. With a commitment to improve the chemical industry, KRICT has established green management plans to undertake research in these areas.

The future of Korea lies in chemical technology, which serves as the foundation for future convergence. The key to becoming a leader of cutting-edge future industries and acquiring competitive strength begins with chemistry. As a world-class public research institute, KRICT will incorporate green management to pave the way for Korea to emerge as one of the top 5 nations in green chemistry.